Famous Dolls stories

Sasha dolls

Sasha Dolls arrived in Italy in the eighties, only in Galt Toys chain shops. Then, I realized that they were dolls that I would have loved as a child. It was too late for me so I bought one of them for my youngest daughter, hoping in vain the Sasha's could become her favorite doll, but it… Continue reading Sasha dolls


Why the name Zisa

From wikipedia "The Zisa palace (from the Arabic al-'Azīza, or" the splendid ") stood outside the city walls of Palermo, inside the Norman Royal park, the Genoardo (from the Arabic Jannat al-arḍ or" garden "or" Paradise of the earth "), which stretched with splendid pavilions, lush gardens and water basins from Altofonte to the walls… Continue reading Why the name Zisa