Zisa tales

Zisa’s cake

“I am afraid that the afternoon at the park, whizzing through avenues in the new red scooter ... is to be postponed. – Zisa is very upset - Ugh! What a rain!” And worst of all that mean lady of Carla came, the mum’s friend who is always gossiping about their office. She comes home… Continue reading Zisa’s cake


My dollshouse

The 1/12 scale Georgian dollshouse I built from scratch in the 2015 In my life I had tried several times to build a dollhouse: a first attempt then abandoned in adolescence, a second successful when my daughters were little girls, even if it was a toy version. But building a model of a miniature house,… Continue reading My dollshouse


Ball jointed Zisa Dolls

We decided to create a fully articulated version of Zisa Dolls, 29 cm tall (11.50 inches). The doll is entirely printed in 3D thanks to the Ball Jointed Pixie Doll project by AnnaGerber, that we have modified for the head and hands. BJD Zisa is equipped with a wardrobe, furniture needed for her room, and even… Continue reading Ball jointed Zisa Dolls


Zisa’s kitchen

It is very nice to create the right environment for Zisa, placing her in a realistic context. So that an old tin wood stove, restored, becomes the main element of a scene that also sees table, chair, drying rack, tub and many other kitchen accessories, vintage or hand made. Zisa is dressed in apron and… Continue reading Zisa’s kitchen


Making Wanda’s bed

Doll beds usually don't have accessories made with care, but I wanted to create a bed to make ready with all its elements: mattress, bottom sheet, pillow, pillowcase, upper sheet, quilt. In this way Zisa can lie down in soft blankets, dressed in pretty floral pajamas, made up of a buttoned blouse and trousers with… Continue reading Making Wanda’s bed