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How are Zisa Doll’s clothes made?

Perhaps one of the reasons I created Zisa Dolls is the opportunity to sew their clothes   I started sewing when I was six and started with my dolls' clothes. In my family there was little sewing, with an ancient Durkopp sewing machine, donated to my great-grandmother on her wedding day (in the nineties of… Continue reading How are Zisa Doll’s clothes made?


Zisa Dolls Immensely loveable, a precious childhood friend. Perhaps I have never left the world of childhood. In fact, working in a theater as stage and costume designer, helped me to live in a parallel world, made of paper mache, miniature models, fabrics and colors. Now that I've come to the old age, I do not… Continue reading Zisa Dolls


Why the name Zisa

From wikipedia "The Zisa palace (from the Arabic al-'Azīza, or" the splendid ") stood outside the city walls of Palermo, inside the Norman Royal park, the Genoardo (from the Arabic Jannat al-arḍ or" garden "or" Paradise of the earth "), which stretched with splendid pavilions, lush gardens and water basins from Altofonte to the walls… Continue reading Why the name Zisa