Zisa Dolls

Immensely loveable, a precious childhood friend.

Perhaps I have never left the world of childhood. In fact, working in a theater as stage and costume designer, helped me to live in a parallel world, made of paper mache, miniature models, fabrics and colors. Now that I’ve come to the old age, I do not need to hide myself behind the scenes of a theater. After having built a Georgian house in miniature, 1/12 scale, I decided to create dolls that I have always dreamed. The Zisa Dolls are 18 inch. tall, they have a rigid head made of ecological resin chalky, and a soft stuffed felt body. I make them entirely on my own, having first made a prototype of the head in clay. Even the clothes are sewn and knitted by me, and even shoes, for the creation of which I bought a sewing machine for leathers.

Zisa Dolls are 18 inch (46 cm.) tall. They are all hand-made, and it’s the small differences between them that make them unique. The head is made from an environmentally friendly material with a silicon mould, based on an original model sculpted by Maria Adele Cipolla. The body is made of padded wool felt cloth, and arms and legs are jointed at the hips and shoulders. The soft body and the intense facial expression make each doll specially loveable. Zisa dolls can have a varied wardrobe of garments that are sewn or hand-knitted with quality materials: pure wool, cotton, leather, and silk. Each piece of clothing is unique, inspired by chilrens’ fashion of the sixties. Every time a new doll or outfit is created, it is listed on this site, representing an unique opportunity. The dolls are shipped in a cardboard box with a certificate of guarantee and a support that allows you to admire your doll standing. Given the standard measures of Zisa dolls, all clothes are compatible with any well-formed 18 inch children’s dolls, including the American Girl series. Of course, Zisa dolls are both girls and boys, with a range of hair colours and styles.

Forse non ho mai abbandonato il mondo dell’infanzia. Di fatto, lavorare in teatro come costumista e scenografa, mi ha permesso di vivere in un mondo immaginario, fatto di cartapesta, tessuti e colori. Adesso che ho una certa età non ho più bisogno di nascondermi dietro le scene. Così dopo aver costruito una casa Georgiana in scala 1.12, ho deciso di creare la bambola che avevo sempre sognato. Zisa è una bambola alta 46 cm. circa. La testa è in resina gessosa ecologica su mio prototipo in creta.  Il corpo è invece morbido, realizzato in panno-lana imbottito. Costruisco da sola le mie bambole e da sola cucio e lavoro a maglia il guardaroba. Perfino le scarpe sono realizzate da me, per la qual cosa ho acquistato una macchina da cucire per pellami.


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