Zisa tales

Ruggero e l’opera dei pupi

I pranzi della domenica dalla nonna sono attesi da Zisa con grande trepidazione, prima di tutto per il timballo di anelletti e poi perché è bello stare insieme, con la nonnina sempre sorridente che dice cose spiritose. Si tratta della bisnonna Giovannina, che è la mamma della nonna. L’altro giorno, per esempio, Zisa aveva interrotto… Continue reading Ruggero e l’opera dei pupi

Famous Dolls stories

Sasha dolls

Sasha Dolls arrived in Italy in the eighties, only in Galt Toys chain shops. Then, I realized that they were dolls that I would have loved as a child. It was too late for me so I bought one of them for my youngest daughter, hoping in vain the Sasha's could become her favorite doll, but it… Continue reading Sasha dolls


Looking for a girl who was eight in 1965

The desire to create humanoids: replicants, avatars, dolls, puppets or robots, is as old as the history of civilizations. Moreover, the human body has been used as a geometric parameter, for artistic or architectural canons. Human beings cannot do without their appearance even when it comes to imagining monsters or aliens: eventually, they add a… Continue reading Looking for a girl who was eight in 1965

Zisa tales

A day on the beach

A day on the beach The school is over and finally we go to the beach! Zisa has all the necessary equipment in front of her: a beach bag, two swimsuits, a terry towel, a bucket, a scoop, a rake, sand molds, a sieve, clogs, a fishing net, a diving mask and a pair of… Continue reading A day on the beach

Christmas suit, knitted with jaquard motifs

Knitting for 18inch Dolls

Knitting for 18inch Dolls (America girl dolls, Zisa dolls and others) knitting for 18 inches dolls (about 46 cm) is very fun and rewarding. It is nice to being able to produce a garment in about two days and it is a relaxing activity. On average, 50g of yarn is enough for a jumper and… Continue reading Knitting for 18inch Dolls